The oil

The biological extra-virgin olive oil of the company Berloni, located inside the DOP area of Cartoceto ( this area includes the town of Serrungarina, Cartoceto,  Saltara, Mombaroccio and part of Fano), can really be considered the excellence, achieved with high attention at all the fundamental steps, which should always be committed to acting in an oil such as oil Berloni.

It is very important to explain that the quality of the oil can only get worse after the olive has been cropped from the tree.Wich is why the steps from choosing the right collection period up to the storage of oil must be conduced properly.
The collection in the company Berloni, usually begins mid-October and is entirely done by hand, following the different degree of ripeness of the olives.

The cropped olives are then transported in ventilated boxes and crushed within 24 hours in the mill of property with a continuous cycles. This guaranties the hygiene of the final product and avoiding the problems that usually give traditional mills which work with mats.
The new oil is then stored in stainless steel casks at a controlled temperature of about 14 and16 degrees, until bottling, which occurs usually after the customer order.

azienda liquor d'ulivi
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