From the olive-groves in Serrungarina
A food product sponsored by Dante is not an everyday thing. Nevertheless this happens for the olive-liquor, famous since Roman times as a remedy and was mentioned by Dante in the
XXI Canto del Paradiso. Here San Pier Damiani, who lived in the hermitage of Fonte Avellana on the Catria mountain (not far away from the company Berloni) stated: 'I've stoped here at the service of god and with food and olive-liquor I ran slightly warm and cold, happy with my contemplative thoughts.'

This quote is mentioned on the label of the modern olive-liquor and shows the ancient tradition from which it was born or better reborn.
The olive liquor is indeed reborn thanks to Giuliano Berloni in his organic farm specialized in the cultivation of olive trees.

Together with his family, Berloni has reinvented the olive-liquor, reworking old recipes and after historical and organografical researches. This liquor is extracted by the infusion of olive-leaves and olive-cortex into alcohol, with added sugar and only natural aromas through a traditional process lasting several months

The result is an olive-liquor with digestive virtues, amber colour, sweat balsamic flavour, slightly bitter background and a proof of 30 mills.

This liquor is really all-round useable, you can enjoy it naturally, cool or with ice in the summer and yet warm with a slice of lemon in the winter, also excellent on ice cream, on pancakes and for cocktails.

Besides the traditional liquor, Berloni produces also the olive-liquor BIO which gets further value with the biological certification by Suolo e Salute.

azienda liquor d'ulivi
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